A common digital language to make life easier for producers, create cooperation and develop short food chains

Our prototype


This prototype is focused on sharing product catalogs and logistics flows between platforms, in order to meet two challenges for producers:

  • Complexity of inventory management and update frequency for producers who use multiple platforms to market their products
  • Lack of logistics solutions between producers using different platforms

Goals of this prototype are:

  • Build a “Proof of concept” to show the potential of the standard.
  • Test the semantic and technical standard in real conditions in order to improve the standard in an iterative logic.


The prototype focuses on 3 use cases:

1- Producers can access a universal catalog of their products (they can read, create, update and delete products on all linked platforms)

2- Producers can view their own planned logistics flows

3- Producers are able to define filters to display logistics flows compatible with other producers in the ecosystem using the standard.


We are fine tuning the first use case. In parallel we are starting to gather a logistic community to properly kick-off the logistic use cases.