A common digital language to make life easier for producers, create cooperation and develop short food chains

Strategy & mission

We believe in a greater food and digital democracy.

We want to rebuild commons in the service of our food, whether in food production, distribution and data exchange.

We believe that we must break down the silos that are still slowing down the scaling up of short food chains.


  • Contribute to change the scale of short food chains
  • Encourage cooperation between the actors of the ecosystem and gain in efficiency.

Going beyond the challenges of competition between platforms, through this consortium we wish to collaborate and create value in the service of short food systems.

  • Put producers and eaters back at the center.


  • Facilitate cooperation between actors of short food systems via an interoperability project between platforms to allow them to communicate with each other.


  • Pave the way for many innovations to energize and optimize the ecosystem.

Here are different applications or use cases (non-exhaustive list):


  • Rational management of inventories: each producer can have access to centralized monitoring of his stock, all distributors combined
  • Simplification of order management: producers can receive all orders in the environment that suits him best, without having to connect to multiple different platforms
  • Sharing catalogs: A producer can share his product catalog with the distributors of their choice, regardless of the IT tool used.
  • Optimized logistics solutions: Pool logistics flows to save time for producers and allow them to share transportation of their respective goods. Work with logisticians to build optimized logistics services, minimizing the cost and environmental impact of transporting goods
  • Creation of “research portals” or maps for consumers that display reliable and up-to-date information in real time on the location

etc…other applications are still possible! Including outside of the food system


We are choosing to define together a common digital language and more precisely to develop an inclusive and open standard (open source), followed by operating rules guaranteeing the confidence of the stakeholders.

To support our vision of the food system, we need to build a coherent and responsive digital system.

This common digital language gives stakeholders the possibility of:

  • pool their resources on common projects
  • reduce their costs
  • find new outlets more easily
  • share and recover their data as they see fit!


Achieving our mission and goals will only be possible if enough platforms and software adopt the standard we produce.

We therefore need to unite around the standard a sufficient number of players for our initiative to gain full momentum!

A common language takes all its power when it is shared by as many speakers as possible and the same goes for our standard.

We are counting on you to spread the word! Join the consortium!