A common digital language to make life easier for producers, create cooperation and develop short food chains

A common and open digital language to develop short supply chains

Data Food Consortium is a collective of actors working for a deep change in the food system

It aims to support, equip, and give more space to producers, independent distributors and short supply chain.

This consortium gather actors around an interoperability project between short food supply chain platforms in order to allow them to communicate. 

Our goal is to define together a common digital language, in this case nomenclatures and an open standardthanks to which we can pool data and connect actors and initiatives.

A common & open digital language … for whom?

Producers & organizers of short food chains

The ecosystem

Local authorities

  • time saved by updating data at once for all platforms.
  • more reliable data allowing them to focus on their core business. 
  • reinforce cooperations and synergies between actors thanks to efficient data flows. 
  • open the way to a mutualization of transport system, answering at the same time to logistic, economic and ecological stakes. 
  • develop short supply chain on their territories
  • limit logistics flows and therefore environmental footprint

A digital language for all

  • To build an open, transparent and fair food system allowing the emancipation of both producers and eaters. 
  • To contribute to a decentralized and more democratic web


Following are our current members.

Our consortium is open, your contributions are welcomed, join us!

Active members

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